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The Cardiff Giant . . . . ?

Cardiff Giant

This is a strange piece of Cardiff trivia is from the town of Cardiff in New York State in the USA.

The Cardiff Giant was a famous hoax back in the 1860's. Following a dispute about the Book of Genesis, a New York tabacconist called George Hull arranged for the 10 foot tall statue to be sculpted and appropriately "aged". It was then shipped to his cousin's farm at Cardiff NY where it was "discovered" during an archeological dig and exhibited to the public at 50c a go. Not surprisingly the giant was quickly declared a fake and the statue was then sold for $23,000, about $400,000 in today's money.

The giant can still be seen today at the Farmers' Museum in Cooperstown, New York. Interestingly there is fake copy of the original fake that was created by the showman PT Barnum.

There are many places around the world called Cardiff; ten in the USA, plus Cardiff by the Sea in California, two in Canada and one each in Australia and New Zealand. Of course, none are as good as the original and best - Caerdydd!